This week, we are discussing river boating, focusing on playing inflatable surfboards in the river.

River paddling can take different forms. It all depends on your level and the level of rapids prepared for you along the river.

Generally, before you set off, you should first understand and find information about the river you plan to paddle.

Every river and its rapids are different. The position you decide to paddle depends entirely on your skill level. If you are a novice paddling in any flowing water, assuming you have never been to a river or ocean, we strongly recommend You choose a river with a low degree of difficulty to avoid danger.

Take Your Isup To The River Paddling

When we have chosen the river that suits us, we start to choose the right equipment.

We recommend the next few steps. First, make sure you have the right equipment.

The classification you decide on rowing will determine the level of equipment you need. We recommend that you bring the usual safety equipment with you-namely SUP PFD, a sturdy belt and suitable clothing. If it is cold outside or the water temperature is still cold, we recommend wrapping it in neoprene, whether it is a jacket, pants or a full suit.

In addition, it is equipped with additional equipment for safety-helmets, strobe lights and safety whistles, as well as PFD and powerful belts.

These are all to provide you with additional safety protection, if you find yourself hitting a rock or separating from the skateboard, you can indeed save your life.

A professional tip that is easily overlooked. Be sure to replace the standard fins on the SUP with fins designed specifically for rivers. They tend to be smaller in length, and even scalable options can be used.

With standard fins, you are likely to hit debris and rocks in the water, which will cause you to lose your balance and fall into the water. If you practice enough, you may be able to maintain balance and stroke discipline without a central fin, and use two standard side fins to maintain decent tracking.

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