Inflatable paddle board can withstand the encounter of rocks, branches, fallen trees, and even shells and sand. So we used a heavy-duty PVC layer composite coating on the material. The inner rail layer uses a wire drawing material with strong air tightness.

But even if we have a solid structure and years of testing to make the most durable inflatable paddle board on the market, accidents can still happen. There are still occasional wear, slight tears or holes. This is why we include a patch kit with every purchase so you can fix the tear and continue your adventure.

1. If you have trouble locating the leaking area, spray soapy water on the suspected problem area. Once it leaks, the soap in the water will bubble up and you will be able to find the place to be blocked.

2. After you find it, clean the area until it is dry. If it is too small to see, please mark it with a pen/marker.

3. After marking, deflate the board.

4. After venting, take some rubbing alcohol or acetone to clean the area thoroughly. This stronger substance will remove any oil or other debris, allowing the glue to completely stick to the patch and board.

5. Place the patch in the center of the leak and outline it with a pencil-this will help you remember where the patch is and let you know how much glue to use.

6. Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the board where the outline has just been drawn, taking care not to cross the designated area.

7. Apply adhesive on the matte or bottom surface of the patch. If you apply it on the shiny side, it may not stick as well as on the rough, dull side.

8. Place the patch on the hole and use a spoon, roller or any other tool that may rub on the surface of the board to remove all air bubbles there.

9. Remove excess adhesive and apply masking tape on top to ensure that the patch remains flat and does not move when it is dry.

10. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours.

11. After at least 24 hours, remove the masking tape and touch the edge of the patch to make sure it is glued an

12. Inflate it to full load and check if your repair work is effective. If so-you can continue surfing!

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